Kona Construction is the new face of a company that has its roots in the past 30 years. The original foundation was laid in 1993 when Samuel Jacob initiated C & J Plaster & Fireproofing while simultaneously serving as the president of the Plaster’s and Cement Masons union. His area of expertise included small plaster patches and commercial fireproofing applications.

In 1997, after earning the trust of hundreds of customers, Samuel’s son joined the venture. With his extensive background in fire and water damage restoration, he brought a fresh perspective to the company. Together with his parents, they rebranded the business to C & J Restorations Inc. As a class A general contractor, the company shifted its focus to insurance restoration repairs and began working as a direct repair contractor for multiple insurance companies, including giants like Allstate and USAA.

Over time, C & J expanded its services to include commercial and residential real estate repairs and renovations. They became the go-to contractor for Quest Diagnostics in Virginia and partnered with numerous commercial and residential companies to cater to their construction needs.

Recognizing the need to unify their work in restoration, commercial construction, and maintenance, the company underwent another transformation. To better reflect their commitment to both commercial and residential construction, they decided to rebrand as Kona Construction.

As Kona Construction, they continue to offer services in both residential and commercial spaces. They look forward to servicing your construction needs in the coming years.